Genius Hub control

Does anyone know of a way to control the Genius Hub controller from UI7?

I have Genius Hub as a separate central heating control system. I also have 2 UI7 controllers. It would be useful if I could use the Veras to switch the heating on and off.
IFTTT might be a solution, but seems quite flaky at the moment, it’s yet another system that wants paying every month and it’s overkill for what I want.

Has anybody got any ideas?

Genius hub works with
google home
Home assistant
and has a rest api (they do not openly advertise) by if you call them they will give details. They gave me login to the demo rest api, you should be able to use virtual http device plugin to send http request to turn on off and set temp.

I spoke to tech last week about ifttt and they say they are willing to listen to customers on forum and create applets that are requested if reasonable.

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