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Apologies if this has been asked before but why is the minimum Geofence radius 250m? This is way to big. I want to secure my house when I leave, I have a number of friends that live within the current 250m.

What are other doing…???

what do you mean by secure ? do you use it as an alarm?? Sounds dangerous if so due to realibility. I think down to 100m is possible if gps function works . I had that in an other SmartHome and out worked seamless . Cant you move your ring at a direction from your friends ? I have that because the big road is nearby so if I’m just passing thrue actions will be taken but they shouldn’t

I want to arm door sensors

@Matteburk if you based in US contact @rigpapa he has nice solution Vera Plugin + Own-tracks mobile app.

I am using Vera Proximity but is very unreliable. Other solution could be to move the centre of the radius further from your house so is not covering friends house.

I an already using iPhone locator and its rocksolid!:smiley:

I have set the geofence to 1000m. Anything less has unpredictable results. There are many things that can go wrong – placement of my phone in the car, the apps on the phone, cellphone provider, accuracy of the geofence system, Vera. I turn on the garage light via a scene when my phone is within the geofence and it is dark (Lua code below.)

I experimented with pinging the phone’s IP address – creating an “IP fence” for more precise control. There’s a Vera IP plugin – “Ping sensor.” The phone must be connected to your Wi-Fi network. The typical wireless network maximum range is 200’ 2.4GHz; 5GHz is less. If your Wi-Fi access point/router has both, the range can be tested by connecting to one and walking away until the phone is no longer connected to Wi-Fi. The controller will ping your phone. When the ping is successful, the phone is within the fence. It worked well, but my new phone goes into a sleep mode, causing the ping to fail regardless of being within the fence.

local DeviceID=11
if (luup.is_night()) then
luup.call_action(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1”,“SetTarget”,{newTargetValue=1}, DeviceID)

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