Geofencing app - changing modes.

I have 2 users for my Vera , is there any app to control modes home ,away etc by GPS position?
Build in geofencing is not working properly when there is more than one user.

There is the “Housemodes plugin” but I don’t think that will resolve your issue. You would have to use it in conjunction with a virtual switch, something I have NOT done.

Good luck.

I use iPhone Locator to track both iPhones in my house. When both are gone, I set the House Mode to Away. When either is back, House Mode is set to Home. I use it in conjunction with PLEG.

Depends on what type of phones are involved. If you have iPhones… indeed the iPhone locator which relies on the location of your devices on iCloud and google map works very well. Otherwise with android there are a number of third party apps which work better than the vera one. Search the forum.

You can use Vera Proximity on Android.

Vera proximity I read about that app but I don’t know how to configure settings…:-\

Geofencing and virtual switch? I can do it ! :grin:


I use the multi switch plugin, two scenes per phone to select and unselect a multi switch button per phone. Then some LUA code to toggle the home/away house mode when one or none is selected. Works reliably provided the Vera App triggers the geofence enter/exit events. That is not too reliably on one of the phones since about 2 months.

Cheers Rene

i have something like that:

  • geofencing on
  • for each user i create virtual switch, when user is home switch goes to on, when user exit home switch goes to off
  • i created scene on computer, as You know from computer you can not choose location, then i go to vera app on android i can see that scene and i change first step to location, i leave next steps.

thats all :slight_smile:

if you have more that one user , its needed to create scene, when all users switch goes off it comes to away mode, so you need house mode plugin , and pleg for more “advanced” scenes.

Hi all,

Is anybody using Vera Proximity? I have successfully installed and configured the application on phone and Vera side.

How good and accurate it is ?

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