Global Variable Use In Condition Evaluation

Does (or is there any plans) Reactor support declaring variables, with a particular datatype, for global reference (ie, exported) via other reactor sensors. For example, setting a variable ‘sleep_time’ to ‘2300’ or a value that makes sense. Afterward, being able to use the Date/Time Condition to check against this global variable. Any other construct recommended for a similar solution?

You can do this in current Reactor, but for non-string data types it’s a bit of work (you have to go through an expression to convert it back), because all state variable values in Luup are strings.

Another approach is what I do in my own home (example): I have a ReactorSensor that determines the day “phase”: morning, day, evening, night, and different for weekends and holidays. These are expressed as a series of groups, only one of which can be active/true at any one time of day. The other ReactorSensors in my home then just use Group State conditions to look at that and see what needs to be done in each room (I have an RS per room for that room’s logic). Anyway. the idea is that you use group states as conditions. Works great.

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