Google Home not displaying scenes

Hello !

I juste set-up GH today, everything works very well.
Except scenes, I’m not able to see any scene on GH.

Unfortunuately, that topic is not up to date

All my devices and apps are on the latast SW version, and scenes are activated in the device display list on

Could you say me how to display the scene in GH ?

Thank you!

Assume you have asked a Google Home speaker to “update devices” ?

I am using GH on phone.
I can see the scenes through Google Assistant, but not through GH.

You mean in the Home app you cannot see the Vera scenes ? But you can see the Vera devices?

They have changed the layouts of the Home app recently.

Open the Home app, in the top right hand corner click your account, then select “Assistant Settings” from the list, then select the “Assistant” tab, then select “Home Control” from the list.

Look in the “Vera Smarter Home Control” section, your Vera scenes along with the Vera devices should be listed there?

Exactly, they are here

So does that answer your question ?

If you want to run a Vera scene you cannot just click on a Vera scene from the Home app / Google Assistant app.

You have to issue a voice command to Assistant / Google Home speaker:

You say:

run “scene-name”

Or in Assistant on your phone, you can hit the keyboard icon and then you can type in the command to run the scene e.g.

You type in:

run “scene-name”

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ok thank you, now I it is quite clear about how tu run scene!


You can also use Routines in the Home app.

You can create a routine with various different say phrases to run a particular Vera scene.

For example say I have a Vera scene named “Open Curtains”

When I say:

Open the curtains
Open curtains
Curtains open
Open my curtains

Assistant Will:

run open curtains

So I can say all those different phrases to run the one Vera scene.

Or you can now click on that routine in the Home app to run your Vera scene.

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