Google Home not responding to conversation

Hello fellow concierges,
I setup VC on a RPI3 and got it running. I added my license and can see my VeraEdge and have bi-directional comms. I can also see my GH,GM and CC. TTS is also working.
I linked my GH app to “Vera Concierge Smart Home” and it sees 35 devices. On the main page I can only see my thermostate and my switches other devices do not show up.
In VC Local I have no customizations yet but when I update it it forwards to the “My VC accounts” page which stays empty.
When I customize the changes are visible in GH app.
When I now ask “turn the DVD On/off” the DVD player is turned on/off.
But when I want to converse with my Vera using the examples given on the site GH is not able to help or one of the other replies that it’s not functioning.
I even created a routine (I say: Start Flow > Assistant: ask my vera concierge turn on dvd) and several other but every time she can not handle them or send messages yet.
I walked through the complete debug with no errors.
Is this because they removed the Concierge Agent?
Any help or tips would by higly appreciated.

I removed my ad-block hostfile and now i can see a login button on “My VC accounts” page after logging in with my gmail nothing happens. I also tried a different gmail account same result.
Best Regards Danny

It’s broken you can’t talk to the Vera Concierge agent.

In the past you could say to Google “I want to talk to my Vera Concierge” This doesn’t work now.

The Home Control aspect of it works however.

Ok thank you for your reply.
As I suspected then because of the removal of the agent.
I managed get some stuff to work via virtual switches and through them I active specifice House Modes or arm/disarm sensors.