Google home - sorry <device> isn't available right now

For about a week now, google home is almost, I’d say 90-95% of the time, telling me that devices I’m trying to control aren’t available right now.

This really isn’t a connectivity issue with my internet. I can watch hours of streaming TV. I have other systems running in the house that use heartbeat signals to warn me if something is offline, and I have NO problems with them and they have no service interruptions logged.

The android app works, the web UI works direct and through vera gateway, geolocation works
What gives? How do I debug this? Is this a Google problem or a Vera problem?

A little further info, this is on a vera plus. It did it last week, on 7.0.29 and the same problem exists after updating to 7.0.31.

I still have the same problem after doing a full backup and restore, as well as a network settings reset.

I do not have a Google Home but I had a similar experience with Alexa a couple of months ago. My Hue devices were controllable from Alexa, but not Vera devices. I ended up going into the Alexa Vera skill, forgetting all devices, and having it discover devices again. Something broke, and that fixed it.

I have GH through out the house. Not experienced any such problems lately.

However occasionally upon a first voice command it doesn’t work saying not available. Repeat the command a second time and normally works.

This was far more than just needing to repeat a command once.
Turns out that the “Failsafe tunnels” option that I’ve had enabled for 2 years is no longer safe.

I have to say I experience the same problem.
Everythings are up to date.

I turned Safe tunnels off and now it is ok.

What is that some kind of VPN ?

Or are you referring to this Vera setting ? Mine was already turned off.


Yes I was referring to the Vera Setup Failsafe tunnels, turned it off and that solve the problem.

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