Guide: Syncing Vera House modes from a Hubitat using SiteSensor and Reactor

G’day all, I recently bought a Hubitat C7 (got sick of constant Vera lag and z-wave issues) but I’m keeping my Vera Edge (selling my Plus as it’s surplus to requirements now) to run my HVAC systems.

Hubitat is great, but it doesn’t support my Honeywell Wifi thermostat and Google has frozen the WWN program. So basically I have my Hubitat as the single source of truth for presence detection and home modes and my Vera now picks those up (via the Hubitat maker API) and then runs all of my HVAC automation using SiteSensor and Reactor.

Anyway, here is my guide on how to do this:

On Hubitat setup the same House modes that Vera uses: Home, Away, Night & Vacation and Install the Maker API.

On Vera you’ll need the HouseModes, SiteSensor and Reactor apps installed. Create a new SiteSensor and configure it as follows:

Name: Hubitat Modes Sensor
Request URL: http://[your hub ip]/apps/api/[maker api id]/modes?access_token=[your token]
Request Interval: 60 seconds
Response Type: JSON
Trigger Type: URL unreachable
Trip Expression: blank

Value Expressions:

These may vary depending on the order your House Modes on HE were created in - to check use the “Request URL” and your web browser to check the ID’s. Firefox shows me this:
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.09.27 am

So in SiteSensor I’ve mapped them like this - the first line just tells SiteSensor that it is reading a Table:

You just need to know which ID # matches which House mode for the Reactor Automation. The Description field is just there so you know which fields are which.

On Vera, create a new Reactor Sensor. You can call it whatever you like, I called mine “Home / Away Sensor”.

Configure the “Conditions” like this paying attention to the OR/AND structure and the group labels - the fields you are checking on the SiteSensor are Values 2 thru 5:

and configure each Home Mode = True Activity as follows (I change the Nest Home/Away at the same time):

I added some extra step to “Vacation” mode - I turn our nests off completely as here in Melbourne, Australia we dont have to worry about the house pipes freezing etc.

You’ll notice in the Conditions section the last item just ensures that the SiteSensor stays armed - if it finds the site sensor has been off for 60 seconds (eg due to a luup reload or something else) it turns it back on:

That’s it, you are done and your Vera is now slaved to your HE House modes. :sunglasses:


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