Hank HKZW-MS02


I bought an motionsensor (Hank hkzw-ms02), but now I saw it’s not in the device list.
Can I still use this sensor? Or can I ask Vera to add this sensor?

I just started to work with my Vera so still have to learn a lot.
Thanks for the tips!


Try pairing it as a generic z-wave device. I just added a GE/Jasco switch today using that option.


Hello there Hank Multisensor HKZW-MS01, is already integrated into Vera but not sure what MS02 brings to the table. If it’s a new revision it might be added to Vera with future firmware updates.
Meantime, as suggested by Don Phillips, try to add it as generic sensor.


Thanks for the replys!

I added it as a generic device and after the pairing I get my selfnamed device and a _motionsensor. However if I make an easy scene: “if motionsensor is triggered switch fibarodimmer on” it doesn’t work. I also send this to the vera helpdesk, maybe they can help my out on further settings?

@Sorin: the MS02 is only a motionsensor. I hope they add it, seems a lot easier :wink:


Yesterday someone from Vera tried to get it to work, but it won’t…
But they said it will get included in the future. So I’ll just wait with this sensor.


Here is found on a French ste:
** On Vera: At inclusion two blocks are present, one in “MotionSensor” and the other in “Generic”. For this to work you have to go to the “Advanced” -> “Settings” tab of both blocks and copy all the fields of the MotionSensor module into the Generic one.


This looks like it is the OEM for the Zooz ZS018 and seems like it should work with some manual configuration as @Rolling is referring to. I have a lot of various Hank sensors from various sources (Monoprice and Zooz mostly but also direct from Aliexpress) and though they are not officially supported, have had no problems with them.