Hardware recommendation after Vera Lite/3/G EOL announcement?

Title says it all really, I need recommendations.

I understand the need to EOL products that cannot be moved into the future direction of the company’s strategic goals. And I do appreciate the active involvement of Melih Abdulhayoglu in the community.

However, waiting more than 8 months after the acquisition for a promised stability update, by the Chairman of the Board no less, only to get an announcement that the device you have instead has been EOL’ed, has left a very sour taste in my mouth.

Obviously, when restructuring the organization, adding more people, creating a product management team, and improving the processes, a break-down on which products to focus on is one of the first things you do to not waste the organization’s time and resources. As such, @melih and @Sorin would have known very early on that these products would be EOL’ed and not receive the much discussed and anticipated stability and performance update. In my opinion, that decision should have been communicated as soon as they had reached it.

What irks me even more is that the update isn’t even a Major version upgrade, and if you know anything about software development, with a large community to boot, you don’t deprecate devices and functionality in Minor versions! You really should follow Semantic Versioning, with upfront communication on a future deprecation of a product line. Normally a minor/patch release will continue supporting all devices which the major release started out with, with a potential for leaving out individual minor-based feature additions if the hardware cannot handle it (and noted in the release documentation).

Many people asked in the waiting period if they should hold off buying new hardware, and was told that the update would be great! Alas, as I did, many waited.

So, now I’m here, waited for a long time, got my product EOLed, not really trusting the management being forthcoming with information until it’s too late, not knowing how long any of the surviving Vera products will be receiving updates given that they are not transitioning into the eZLO RTOS, eZLO products are not yet on the market, with eZLO Atom/HubPlug frankly looking a bit underwhelming. *

Continuing support is all well and fine, but without updates it means the company is not considering security a serious matter. Without updates, the product is effectively EOLed, period.

What do I do now?

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