Haseman RS-10P 10 Channel Relay Module

While searching for din rail mounted z wave relays, I came up with the following device:

It’s basically a 10 channel relay, which retails for about £200 pounds which is pretty good value compared to multiple fibaro modules in din enclosures.

Any one heard or used one of these?

Is it likely to work with Vera?




I’ve purchased a RS-10PM2. It’s appear to be a new product, which implement zero-cross switching and opto-isolation…


Already tested it and everything works as expected with Vera UI7. Inclusion passed and I just need to set association on Group ID1(lifeline) to Vera and Scene Controller to receive instant reports on all channels. It’s something to do with Vera multichannel association, as on my UZB this step is not necessary. See the screenshot below…

and here is the result, all relay channels and power metering after renaming within UI7…


Anyone with more longterm experience?
I am about to buy 3 to 4 units, but am slightly concerned about reliability…

  • Once configured i assume they can work offline controller?
  • but also reliability of the electronocs - my wife is not that patient with me and my home automation gadgets :slight_smile:

I am using 7 units from both, old and new versions of Haseman RS-10PM for more than 2 years. Perfect operation without any issues till now. Same for their powerful dimmers. No problem with offline operation. You can control by the local switches even in case the Z-Wave controller is Off.

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