HeatIt Z-TRM2

I have just had a HeatIt Z-TRM2 installed:

It is a upgraded version of their previous simmilar thermostat for floor heating and this one works fairly OK with Vera but I see a couple of issue so opening an issue to see if someone else have the same experience as me with it:

  • During inclusion, secure inclusion fails with an error message (forgot to keep the error message). The device does include in the network and does function and the error message does disapear after a while but it seems like it does not fully include correctly. I had the thermostat more or less laying on top of my Vera when including it.

  • The desktop browser UI does show set temperature and I can chenge the set temperature (see attached image). But the Mobile app (for me Android) does not show set temperature and I am not able to set set temperature throug the mobile app.

Anyone else seen this?

There seems to be a couple of other small nits with this device. I’ll update this thread as I play a bit more with it.

I have opened a task for our Development Team regarding the integration of the HeatIt Z-TRM2 thermostat. Only good thoughts!

The Heatit Z-TRM2 has been withdrawn from the market. It is replaced by the Heatit Z-TRM2fx. This one does not have an internal temperature sensor. Who cares, the built in sensor in the two prior versions was completely unreliable anyway. It might have shown the correct temperature now and then, I don’t know. Much like a watch that has stopped still shows the correct time twice a day. :-\

Anyway, the new Z-TRM2fx does not work with Vera either. It works with Homeseer, Fibaro and Home Assistant, maybe others as well.
It will include after several retries, but will hang with “Please wait! Getting secure classes!” after trying to configure it.

The device shows up with four child devices:

  1. A thermostat (I have no idea why, you get the physical thermostat device plus a child thermostat???)
  2. Two “GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor)” devices, that probably is to represent the external floor and air sensors, not recognized by Vera as temperature sensors
  3. A switch device representing the internal relay switch. It does nothing, and does not update the status of the physical relay at all.

The main device is not updated with sensor value for temperature. Set points get updated both ways. The child thermostat device does nothing at all.

This thermostat and the child devices has to be placed in the correct association groups to work, according to the manual and some Homeseer forums I read.
So to get the correct values from the child devices, there has to be made associations between something. The manual does not explain this very well, but from the Homeseer forum it seems to work if all the child devices are associated in respective groups under the main device. A very strange and not very user friendly solution, I have never seen any other device solving it this way. Comments?

Same problem here, can’t add the new Z-TRM2fx thermostat. It either does not include, or it includes and shows as 3 separate devices. Anyone managed to fix the problem?

Any update her ?

Is there any update with Z-TRM2fx support in Vera? Next week I have to buy 2 thermostats for electrical floor heating. If not Z-TRM2fx then what device can you recommend?

I am also curious about this. I will be in the market for some new thermostats soon and I would really like to use these since these are more or less the only thermostats I’ve found which fits the electrical frames etc I have.

I don’t know what it takes for Vera to support this device, but I guess a support ticket is an option. Posting here clearly won’t trigger an answer from the team.

"Thank you for contacting Vera Home Control.

Please know that this device has an integration request for it into our system already. The device has to be evaluated and if accepted, it will be implemented in a future firmware release . You will be able to see if it’s been added here : https://support.getvera.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001695434-Release-Notes"