Heiman HS1DS-Z Door / Window Sensor


I saw these Heiman HS1DS-Z door sensors on Ebay and Amazon very cheap for under 10.00 GBP

So I purchased two. The manufacturers page is here and the user manual is here.

I paired one of the sensors to Vera Edge UI7 latest firmware (1.7.3231) using the generic Z-Wave device option, slide off the battery cover and press the tamper switch 3 times. Ignore the user manual about using the pin hole that doesn’t seem to be correct.

Its added the sensor to Vera and it appears to work. However there is a problem ?

Its added it as two different devices for some reason. There is a Parent device, this has On / Off buttons and a battery status indicator.

I am not sure what the On / Off buttons are for on a door sensor ?

The second device it created is a child device, this looks more like a normal door sensor which you can Arm / Bypass and the status indicator does change OK when I move the magnet part away from the sensor.

So this very cheap Z-Wave door sensor does work in Vera it seems, but why two devices seems a bit odd.

I can also confirm that only the child device appears in the Vera Dashboard - My Modes area under “Choose sensors to arm”, which is good.

Note: I believe they also do a Zigbee version of this door sensor as well, so double check you are buying a Z-wave one from your seller.

Response from Vera support:

This device is not fully integrated yet, we have added an internal request for its integration and it seems that the process is ongoing.

Since it?s not fully integrated, it might not work as expected or as a regular sensor, if you wish to have the Generic I/O item hidden from the Web Interface, you could add this string in StartUp Lua:

To reach the menu go to: Apps → Develop Apps → Edit Startup Lua. Replace ?? from the string with the actual ID of the device. To find the ID of the device go to: Devices → Device Icon → Device Menu (Click on ?>? to open) → Advanced → The Device ID would be down on the list, listed as: ?id? or you can spot it at the top of the page right under the green bar under this format: device #XXX.

You could also run the string from ?Test Luup Code (Lua)?, but to keep track of which device is hidden, I would suggest adding it under Startup Lua. If you wish to make the device appear on the Web UI, just replace ?1? in the string with ?0? and run the string under ?Test Luup Code (Lua)?.

Until we integrate the device, this could be a small workaround if you wish to hide the device from your Interface.


Just to confirm I got one of these also, no problem setting up as a Generic Z-Wave device.
Yes agree it creates two devices, which I’ve noticed some bits of kit and some apps do, I just create a seperate room for stuff like that to live in to keep it tidy.

As its working ok I’ve ordered more.

Great for basis of an alarm but so far it switches the outside lights on when the door opens during darkness so the dogs can see to do their stuff.


The manufacturer of these devices told me they sent some sample devices to Vera for evaluation and integration. Vera have confirmed to me they have recieved the devices and its on their road map to look at these devices at some point.

Figured out you have to manually edit the parent device and then hide the child device.

Changed the following on the parent device the one with the on/off button and the battery status. Go in to Advanced and then Params tab.

  1. device_type from urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:GenericIO:1 to urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:DoorSensor:1

  2. device_file from D_GenericIO1.xml to D_DoorSensor1.xml

  3. category_num from 11 to 4

  4. subcategory_num from 0 to 1

  5. device_json from D_GenericIO1.json to D_DoorSensor1.json

You’ll need to edit any Vera scenes or PLEG logic to point to the parent device instead. Also you will need to check the Vera Dashboard - Configure My Preset Modes - Choose sensors to arm, area to ensure the arm / disarm modes are set correctly for the parent device, for the child device I set them all to disarm.

I now have the battery status showing on the door / window sensor device in the Imperihome app as a result of the changes. I had to remove the dashboard widget and select the parent device instead to add a new widget.

To then hide the child device from the Vera web GUI go to Apps - Develop Apps - Edit Startup Lua and add a line of code, where the device number (270) is that of the child device.


See attached screen shot, the child device I then hid from the GUI.

Guys, I’ve just set one of these up. Added into vera plus latest f/w no problem. The issue I’m having is getting it to register being closed, open is working a treat and the light turns on instantly. The scene doesn’t trigger at all when the door closes so light stays on?

On mine if I open the door the red light on the sensor flashes and then goes out.

If I then close the door the red light on the sensor flashes and then goes out.

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