Help interrogating Yale Conexis

Hi all,
I have a Yale Conexis z-wave lock. Currently I have an Alexa ‘Goodnight’ routine which turns off the lights and reminds me to lock the front door. What i’d like to do is to be able to interrogate the lock to see if it’s locked or unlocked, and have Alexa report back, either telling me to lock the door, or confirming that it’s locked. I get the feeling this is possible, but I can’t figure out the process between Alexa and Vera to achieve this. Can anyone help?

You could try a vitual switch that switches on when goodnight routine runs. Then in vera you could query the state of the lock, triggered by the virtual switch being turn on. Then using VeraAlex TTS pluging have alexa speak the lock state etc. Finally reset setting switch.


Ezlo really need to update the Alexa skill and Google Home service to support device queries.

I can only seem to ask Google Home what is the setpoint of my thermostat.

If I ask it if the front door is closed? She doesn’t have a clue and says sorry that device hasn’t been setup yet.

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I second @ElCid suggestion, I use a similar setup to query what alarm zones are open.

So do we have some LUA code to query a devices status and then say an appropriate TTS announcement?

if the OP is okay with using Reactor this is my post with a similar condition Able to ask who is home?

Basically all the OP would have to change the conditions to be if the door is unlocked.

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I could setup something similar in PLEG quite easily I think.

For example when I say to Google Home “goodnight” I could have some logic in PLEG that is triggered upon the Vera house mode changing to Night, to then query a devices current status say a door locked or not locked and then send a TTS announcement stating that locks current status.

What I’d be more interested in is on demand queries to the voice assistant.

For example just asking Google Home is the door locked or not. Or is a window opened or not, without some trigger happening in Vera first.

This I don’t know how you would do it.

As the Vera Google Home service and the Alexa skill don’t currently support all device types. The Vera voice assistant integration is well out of date and I’ve heard nothing from Ezlo about them being updated for their new platform.

For the inquiry Ive set up a Alexa routine where I say “Alexa, what zones are open” and it flips a VS which then triggers a reactor activity to then blurt out a TTS of what zones are open, and if none I get TTS to say ‘No zones open’.

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Similar setup here, but automated when I put the house into away or night mode. I’m actually calling the routine directly, but the virtual switch is a right approach when you could not do it.

That’s great, I’m happy using Reactor.

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