Help with connecting of Vera and Omni Pro2

Hi, Can any one help with the connection of Vera Plus with Omni pro2. I am currently having problem with the serial connection to the omni Pro2. I have purchase the Omni Wave interface kit from Automation Distribution, but didn’t get the cables. So have to make my own, I purchase the USB to DB9 from JCars in NZ ( I Believed it works), but its the DB9 to rj11 serial connections Leviton Part number 21A05-2 that I have to make up the cable for which I believed maybe the problem. How ever I made one up fellowing the user book of the omni pro. But both system will not communicate! on the omni board the serial light is on solid lit red, so there is some sort of connection, but still will not communicate…

has anyone have any success with this?

any help would be grateful


Hello I am having the same issue. Solid red light on the USB adapter and solid red light on the Omni Pro2 serial port but no communication. Did you resolve this ?

Hi, no luck At all. I have given up on it, but if later you figure it out please let me know.

Hello I have great news. I have it working now. I ended up purchasing the actual Leviton product (PC to serial adapter -> on Ebay.

I think the key issue is the cabling within the adapter. Also the serial cable is 4 core rather than 6 core. I have yet to try it with the 6 core cable.

Update: Communication works with 6 core serial cable also and RED light on serial port OMNI Pro is actually off with this adapter

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