home.getvera.com down again?

I can’t log in either through the app or through the relay at home.getvera.com . I tried a password reset and got the link in my email but it failed to reset the password. I’m locked out. Anyone else experiencing this or is it just me?

So, after attmpting to log in and getting a persistent spinner I got the following:

Internal Server Error ID: 57a37d18c4cb8

The app on my phone finally connected.

I think my employer is possibly blocking me again.

I’m having exactly the same problem.

something weird is going on… logging in through the browser, it didn’t like my credentials either and after typing them in manually it sat on “login success! redirecting…” for a minute and now seems to be asking me to agree to terms & conditions which i’ve not seen before. i accepted and then It sat there for a while thinking (the browser) until spitting up:

Internal Server Error
ID: 57a37d6cf1e52


My phone connected but now it isn’t connected.

Second time in as many weeks?!?!

looks like it’s working again… got the terms and conditions screen so they must’ve rolled out something new? though i’m not spotting anything

For me it just sits at “Checking Credentials…” on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Cannot login to delete alerts… down again?

(can login locally off course: Thank god my Vera is not fully cloud dependent!)

Yes, for me too. Login locally

I am having the same issue, as well as Alexa commands not working. Looks like there is a outage. It would be nice to have the status page updated accordingly.

I was also having issues with Alexa, and slowness with logging in.

It would be super if status could be updated correctly however there may be no link between the two and having spent most of my career on the other side of this, the Vera ops team (if such they have) will need us to tell them if there are things breaking that they aren’t seeing…


There was an issue, I received an acknowledgment from support.

I also am behind the scenes in this in my career so I completely understand. I leverage StatusPage for all my customers so I truly understand the process and what the capabilities of that product are.

It seems there needs to be some maturation in their operational processes.

That I would not argue with, sir!


I’m liking the direction they are headed though - Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Yep. The firmware fix list seems impressive!


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