Homewave on iPhone X and the 'notch'

Anyone got a workaround for using Homewave on the iPhone X?

It scales up and uses all of the screen real estate which is nice, unfortunately some of the menus are inaccessible as they’re sitting behind the notch at the top of the screen.

If there’s nothing you can do on the phone itself, I guess that changes will need to be made to the app.

Current workaround I would suggest is the reachability feature, which slides an app down half a screen so you can reach the top buttons while working the phone with one hand.

First enable reachibility: in Settings->General->Accessibility
Then swipe down on the home indicator. The app should slide down, revealing the hidden menus.

Not very convenient, I know. I have already submitted a new version to support the iPhone X for review.

Also, what on earth were Apple thinking when they introduced that notch?

I’m ambivalent about it. It houses some gadgets that had to go somewhere, either in the screen or a wider bezel. The vast majority of the time the two upper corners have the time and Wifi/Battery/Cellular status parked up there - stuff that used to take up space the apps were using.

At the moment HomeWave will put the connection status, setup and settings buttons in the “ears”. This creates a bit more room for the screen title on the toolbar, but I’m not 100% happy with it. Maybe I will put the clock, battery and LTE bars back in the ears once I figure out how to do that… Managing this stuff is pretty easy with autolayout and storyboards, but this is an old app and it still uses the old-school screen management using constraints. :frowning:

Edit: actually Apple might not approve of having those buttons there. I’ll have to think of something else.

Yes… those “ears” are every bit a design nightmare for app developers as was predicted. And now I am extra happy that HomeWave doesn’t do landscape mode on iPhones :slight_smile:

Hi intveltr,

Latest update fixed the notch control issues - I think I’ve found another one though.

For the widgets that display 3 lines of text, the option to remove a line of text is no longer visible/accessible.

Any chance of another hotfix please? :slight_smile:

Is it not visible because it hides under the notch? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe. Yes. :grimacing:

Just enabled the screen pull down feature to check.

I am using the app on iPhone X and having problems with the camera widget. When going to full screen so I can use the camera controls it all works however I can?t get out as the close button is well hidden under the iPhone X icons on top, and using the accessibility doesn?t work either, seems needs a bit of a move. Any suggestions welcome.

I have same issue with the cameras. Dropping the screen down with accessibility feature doesn?t resolve it - I think the button is broken.

The camera and property screens (the one with the obscured Remove button) will be fixed in the next version. I’m still working on the connectivity issue some people have reported, but I will submit a new version this weekend in any case.

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