Homewave project dead?


Doesn’t appear to have been any updates in over 7 months. Just curious if the project has run its course?


There’s a few things I need to get around to fixing, but other than that I feel the app is more or less where I want it to be. Of course there’s always more functions that could be added…


I have used VeraMate for many years on 2 iPhones. Sad the developer has abandoned it. If Homewave has a free version to try out, I may make the move from VeraMate. Thus far, VeraMate does over 90% of what I need it to do but the AltHue support is weak.


I second this! I am also looking for a replacement to VM. I wish there was a free version of the Homewave app to try out.


That has been asked before! I will look into how easy it is to put out a free trial version.


And if the software is as good as VeraMate, you can raise the price to $5.99. That is what VeraMate charged for the Premium and I purchased it for 2 iPhones.


Hi intveltr,

is homewave supported for bugs ?



Yes, bugs in HomeWave are still being addressed. At the moment that includes some issues with the “Notch”, connectivity issues that some people are experiencing, and compatibility with the 12" iPad Pro. Also some cameras do not appear to work as they should


I used HomeWave for years on UI5. I left Vera for 18 months or so and just returned on UI7. I downloaded VeraMate just to try it out, but I’m going back to HomeWave.


Love the HomeWave app. One of my fav apps. Use it daily. I’d even be happy to buy it again if it’d help make updating it worthwhile for the developer! :slight_smile:


Oh, and it would be neat if the HomeWave app supported Apple Watch someday (I’d even be happy to pay a few bucks for this…). Even without using Siri it would be cool to have 4 or 6 controls or scenes on your watch, for commonly used items. Say, one to lock your door and turn on your alarm, one for the opposite of that, another to turn on your outside lights if you come home late and they off…things you might want to control while you in your car, without having to take your phone out…


That’s actually a new feature I would like to add. If only to get into coding for the Watch :slight_smile: