Homewave Push Notifications not working anymore?

A few weeks ago I noticed that the HomeWave Push Plugin was no longer sending push notifications anymore. I thought it was a temporary thing so I waited it out, but I’m still not getting them.

I looked in the plugin’s implementation file and it seems to be trying to send to the following url which is no longer responding: http://www.homewave.dreamhosters.com/push/push.php

Anyone else having this issue too?

Is Homewave a dead plugin/app now?

So, right when I posted this message I got an idea of what it could be that’s causing the issue (which is on my side).

I selectively run all of my http (and other non-encrypted) traffic through a VPN service to ensure that all of the traffic coming out of my network is encrypted. Because the URL/service is not secured by TLS all of my traffic to it was running through the VPN. At some point the service must have blocked or disabled connections from my VPN provider causing my notifications to cease.

I have added it to my router’s whitelist and now it’s working!

My apologies to intveltr for the casual accusation of the software being abandonware. On the contrary, it’s working great, as is typical!

Lol. I suppose I ought to change the push server to https at some point.

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