How can I make my Fortrezz water flow meter functional?

I think a couple of other posters on here have previously used the year old Fortrezz water flow meter app to make their flow meters functional, but that functionality may differ from what I wish to do. At any rate, I would like to use Reactor (since PLEG still mystifies me. Sorry, I am that incompetent) to monitor the length of water flow. If perhaps after 30 minutes of continuous flow (mimicking a slow leak somewhere away from my 9 flood sensors located in the two baths, laundry room, and kitchen), then I could signal my Fortrezz shut off valve to close. However, it is difficult to decipher what happens on the Fortrezz flow meter with the Vera app for it when water is actually flowing. First, no other water is on in the house. I turn on the kitchen faucet at a slow rate for about 5 minutes and I receive 4 different alerts to a detect a device change from the flow meter. I assume the last one received indicates that the flow has stopped but why three other alerts. Second, the gallon counter changes from the level that it is reading to -128 when the water is flowing but soon after the water is turned off reverts back to showing how many gallons have flowed through the meter, from 23472.7 to 23472.8 gallons during this water flow event. This is also reflected in the Advanced settings for the flow meter under the Variables tab in the Current level window.

Is this an impossible task with the current set up? Perhaps one could use the “-128” value for current flow as a way to indicate water is flowing and use Reactor to monitor how long that flow is and then send a signal to my shut off valve to close.

I am pretty sure this can be done with SmartThings for this device. Unfortunately the Fortrezz flow meter to my understanding is not being targeted for native integration like the Fortrezz shut off valve and flow sensors. Perhaps a better app from Fortrezz might make this possible. Any suggestions on how to address this problem?

Okay. A little update on how the Fortrezz flow meter works when water is flowing. First, an alert is received in the logs every 60 seconds, which corresponds to the polling time set to 60 seconds. Second, the water is flowing the current level listed on the device in the Vera website changes to -128 but then sometimes back to the original level and then back to -128. This occurs when the water is flowing. When the water was shutoff, the current level inside the Advanced settings, Variable tab changes to 0 until the browser is refreshed and then reflects the current level of gallons of water used. Again, I don’t know if somehow the current level show on the device in the Vera website or inside the settings can be used to somehow indicate water flow. I wish to see water flow over an extended time period to then close my Fortrezz shut off valve. Perhaps there is some other parameter that I can focus on for this. I wonder if Fortrezz itself might be able to answer this question.

Thanks for any help.