How do you access previous logs on Vera (Plus)

I’m trying to find where the backup logs (“LuaUPnP.log”) are stored. This would not be the current logs, but previous logs that have been archived.

When I ssh into the unit, I can’t seem to find them. I have a USB device attached and have the unit set to store the logs on the USB. If I go to the /tmp/log/cmh directory, only the current exists.

I need to look at some activity from a few days ago. Can anyone help?


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Are you sure your logs are set to the USB? Typically they would be there as a .gz file, from memory.


Absolutely. The current running LuaUPnP.log is there as well as some other logs, but not any backups of the LuaUPnP.log.


I think that you need to un-tick the “Archive old logs to mios” from the Setting, Log menu to retain and see them.


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Indeed, sort of what I meant. Sorry.

It’s possible to have the logs shipped to your own server, thanks to some of the great work done by the experts on here


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