How to bridge 2 Vera controllers and what to expect?

Guy’s, I’ve followed the instructions below to bridge my Edge to my Plus (main HAC) and I have a Vera device showing up on my plus, however, I don’t see any devices on my Edge and it reports in the Z-wave settings:

HouseID/Node: House: 0xcce5d732 Node 1 Suc 0
Role: Master SIS: NO PRI: YES

What am I missing?

Did you bridge the wrong way?

It is not a symmetrical arrangement.

I followed the instructions I linked to, that’s why I’m asking what should I expect.

I have the same issue. Followed the instructions,no issues encountered. What the instructions are missing is the required pre install state of both controllers and any post install checks. For example you have to assume that the second controller, in this case my Edge, is already installed on my account. Can anyone advise pre install state and post install verifications of changed state?

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