How to get Vera to work with ActionTiles

I just found out about ActionTiles (I don’t get out much). I emailed the company and they said Z-wave and my VeraPlus won’t work with their app. Is there a way to use my 30 or so Z-wave devices with AT or should I scrap the Vera and get a SmartThings hub?

ActionTiles works only with SmartThings and possibly Hubitat through unofficial channels. It is certified as a Works With SmartThings setup.

I doubt we see that move to Vera anytime soon. In fact, one of the ActionTiles co-founders just passed away last month. I’m not sure what that will mean for their future.

I use SmartThings for part of my automation and do not use ActionTiles. They do have an excellent product, though. SmartThings has 3 separate dashboard companies like this, so there’s variety, and I’m not even counting Imperihome. Vera, sadly, lags behind in this segment.

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