How to migrate from Wink to Vera

Hello, fellow smart home enthusiasts,

If you’re already here and looking for more info on how to migrate from Wink to Vera, I’ve put together a list of all things you need to know in order to easily get on board.

How to migrate from Wink to Vera?

A few notes:

If you have Z-Wave devices you can pick any controller of our existing Vera and Ezlo controllers. ( Tip : Keep an eye on our website for specific migration offers too). For Zigbee , you can choose any of the Zigbee capable controllers, like VeraPlus or VeraSecure .

For your Wi-Fi devices, please check out our MiOS App Store the existing integrations created for you by our community. If your favorite Wi-Fi device is not on the list, please check with our Community to see if there is anything else available.

  1. Make sure you exclude or reset your Z-Wave or Zigbee first , if they have been paired with another controller. Rest assured, this can be done from Vera controllers as well. Check out this tutorial.
  2. Pair your devices with Vera or Ezlo controllers.
  3. Re-create your automations and enjoy the new features like Siri Shortcuts or Ezlo VOI.

Read the full guide New to Vera ? Have a look here!

I’ll leave this topic open and invite all Wink users to post inquiries or questions about the transition.

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@Sorin just pointing out that VOI is only available on Ezlo controllers or Vera running new Linux firmware(still indevelopment) . Wouldn’t want some one buying a veraplus/secure and not getting VOI


Thank you @ElCid adding a star there.

I just migrated from Wink to the Vera ezlo atom. Works much faster and better than Wink. One question - how do you control notification types with the Ezlo Atom? For instance, during setup it gave me the option to email; SMS and/or text notifications when events are triggered. But now that I’m set up - I see no where to modify/change the type of notifications received. Is there anywhere to configure notifications with the Ezlo Atom, per device or even just to change what was done during initial setup?


Welcome aboard @Eric_Alan

Just wanted to welcome you to our forums and let you know that we are always here to help you all the way.

We love to hear your requests about what you want to improve on the system. Also while at it have you seen the VOI capabilities we have?

That’s why we called it “Atom”…small but very powerful!

Hi @Eric_Alan and welcome to Ezlo!

For now you cannot change the notification settings from the mobile app, but we’ll add support for it.

Thanks. I think that’s a definite need to be able to always configure notifications. Because I didn’t know initially that once you configured it when signing up – you were stuck with those choices for everything. So I was getting texts AND push notices. I wanted to change to just get push notices. So I had to uninstall the controller, logout and do a new reinstall with an entirely new username and email address (as if never logged in before); this time not enabling SMS.

You indicate that you can’t change the notification settings via the mobile app. Is there another way to do it, somewhere else?

I have seen the VOI integration. I’m linked on both the Amazon Alexa side and thru the Vera app to Amazon. I find it easier though, to just talk to my Alexa enabled speakers (operate through the Alexa side) - rather than use the VOI in Vera itself.

i use VOI to control devices in my scene.
so i created a scene where my Atom controls things and I have a wifi smartplugin that works with Alexa.
So in one scene I can turn both on/off etc…So VOI is not really to talk to Alexa per se, but more about controlling all the 28000 devices that can be controlled by Alexa or Google.

Setting up VeraPlus was pretty easy and I had excluded all devices so adding the Z-Wave devices went smoothly but the Zigbee devices have been a problem. I couldn’t get any to add until I went into the “Settings”; “Zigbee Settings”; “Advanced Actions” and clicked “Go” to reset network. That got the one Sylvania 72923 motion sensor to connect. (The one I don’'t care about!)
I have 3ea Centralite 3315-L water sensors, 2ea Centralite 3210-L smart plugs, and a Hampton Bay 99432 ceiling fan controller and none of them are detected.

  • The 3315-L water detectors are easy to get flashing in pairing mode but they are never detected. (They saved my butt earlier this year and I really want them connected.)
  • The 3210-L smart plugs seem odd as they have both Zigbee and Z-Wave radios in them, (Why?) I can get the Z-Wave to pair but the added device won’t control the plug. They are listed primaraly as Zigbee and that just doesn’t pair.
  • The Hampton Bay ceiling fan controller was excluded from Wink but the factory rest procedure is notoriously flaky so I can’t tell if it is in pairing mode.

Does Zigbee have limitations that limits it’s ability to pair? Or is it effected by WiFi access points? (I have serious Unifi APs in the house.)

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Hi there, Welcome to Vera.

Not sure about the other devices but the centralite ones should work. Can you please try to reach our customer care team at and make reference to this thread?

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