How to troubleshoot Reactor?

I have a Reactor sensor which is simply supposed to change the house mode from Home to Night and vice versa. Problem is, it seems like this RS is getting triggered more than once after quite a long delay (20 mins)…but I can’t see any flaws in the logic which would make it do that. So I think another RS which monitors our geofence locations is getting triggered by changing to night mode…but i’m not sure why.

Is there a specific way I can troubleshoot this?..I need to see which RS is causing actions to happen after it happens and not in real-time.

Have you read through the Reactor log(s)? (Under your sensor’s Tools > Troubleshooting & Support > Logic Summary link)

It usually provides solid clues as to what is going on.

@LibraSun definitely has the right suggestion, and I’ll embellish a little bit:

Since the event log in the Logic Summary is an in-memory structure, it gets lost on reboots/reloads. It also stores only the last 100 events by default. You can get more events logged, and persistence, by setting the LogEventsToFile state variable to “1” on any ReactorSensor (0 turns it back off). This will create a file called ReactorSensorNNN-events.log (where NNN is the device number).

By default, the file will be allowed to grow to 256KB before it is rotated. At that point, the file is compressed with the usual LZO compression for Vera, and a new file started. Only one “old” version is kept. You can increase or decrease the size of the log file by setting EventLogMaxKB to a size in kilobytes (thousands of bytes, e.g. 256 = 256,000 bytes roughly; 8192 would by 8MB).

If you turn the logging on for the two ReactorSensors that manipulate house mode, you should be able to correlate the timestamped entries between them and figure out when and why the change is occurring.


Ok thanks. This helped me figure it out.

I had a Reactor sensor which one of the conditions was to monitor for no motion for a period of time in the entire house. Once true, the night mode was triggered. If the motion sensor was tripped afterwards, the RS reset and triggered again after the time condition was met again.

Added Latched condition so it could only trigger once.


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