HSM02 tripping on wake up

Hi All,

I have a Everspring HSM02 door sensor which I bought years ago but only just started using. Every time the device wakes up it trips which fires off conditions and actions I have defined in PLEG. I have confirmed this by looking at the LastTrip and LastWakeup timestamps.

I assumed it was an issue with the sensor itself so I contacted Everspring but haven’t heard anything from them. Then I came across this article: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=28263.0 which implies it only started since UI7.

Does anybody know if this is true or what is happening or know of any solutions?

Thanks in advance!


I just has a similar problem with another sensor from another brand, though I also have the HSM02 too. I used to have a lot of them and gradually replaced them Hank zwave+ which also use AAA instead of 2450. Anyway, One of my 20+ sensors is having the same mysterious problem which I think is due to either the zwave chip or the vera misinterpreting the frame received. Don’t have a solution for it at this point but I think it is more of a vera problem than everspring.

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