Http request from ezlo Plus

Hi we can add virtual devices, send http request to ezlo hubs to switch devices and retrieve variable/info.

When will we be able to send http request from ezlo Plus hubs, or can we already but i just missed the info somewhere?
Also when will we be able to use lua code in scenes etc?

Apparently the Vera iOS app you can send a HTTP request in a Scene on the Ezlo hub.



But we don’t have that in Android yet and no sign of LUA code in scenes.

So my question becomes, why not in andorid, the more open platform?
@melih @Ioana @sorin
This is a must for any controller

Is the http request sent from the controller or the app?

That HTTP Request option isn’t in the MIOS app either on Android, I just updated the app and checked it.

I asked the guys to check the status of this. (IOS and Android are 2 different teams and have a slightly different speed of development, sometimes one team is faster than the other one in delivering something, but we try to keep in synch).

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Please also ask them about the ETA on being able to use LUA code in Scenes on the Ezlo platform.

Thank you.


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