Hue bulb power on state by time of day

I have a Control4, Hue bridge and Vera Plus. I am trying to program Hue Color bulbs to have different power on states based on time of day or sunrise/sunset. These bulbs are in table lamps so when turned off, they lose all power. They are not switched off via a software command/Zwave off etc as well, they’re table lamps and no one wants to dig out their phone to power them on and off. Therefore a time based scene doesn’t work. If the scene is scheduled for 7PM and the bulb is off, the scene doesn’t happen. An example of what I want to do:

If the table lamp is powered on between 9AM and 5PM, set to 6k daylight and full brightness.

If powered on between 5PM and 8PM, set to 2700k and 3/4 brightness.

If powered on between 8PM and 10PM 1/2 brightness and 1800k

If powered on between 10PM and 6AM, 1/4 brightness and a dark room like red.

I can’t figure out how to do this via the Hue App, Control4 or Vera… but there just has to be a way. Thoughts?

Seems like you’d have to have a scene which triggered when a bulb was turned on and then set it to a new brightness level. The effect, though, would be that it would come on at full power (presumably) and then move to the desired level as the scene activates.

Not really desirable, but what else can you do?

That’s what I have resigned myself to- I just can’t figure out how.

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