Hue dimmable RGB light icon shows default z-wave device icon

Hello @amg0,
ALTUI shows default z-wave icon instead of bulb light icon for Hue dimmable RGB lights.
Would it be possible to show the same icon than for Hue dimmable light please ?

Can you please give device id , device type , and device json exact values ( in advanced attributes )
Also the hue plugin data in the settings page
Thank you

Device id =384
device type = urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableRGBLight:1
device json = D_DimmableRGBALTHue1.json
Hue plugin data =

You see the tab « hue data « ?
I need the json text in that page

hue data json (7.1 KB)

can you confirm the model id of that device 384 ?

do you see the same model id in the file ?

if not, we probably need to edit the file to add that model if it is missing from the current list

Model ID = LCT015
Device _json = D_DimmableRGBALTHue1.json

In your file I found on Hue bulb A19 line : Model ID LCT015 => icons_hue_a19.svg
I also have LWB010 using the same icon showing fine in ALTUI.

if you have the latest version ( and if the file D_DimmableRGBALTHue1.json is present on your system, then please check the file and exact folder location for the file icons_hue_a19.svg. it should work

if you miss that file, you can get it from

Thanks amg0

  1. I put github D_DimmableRGBALTHue1.json in Veraplus again.

  2. I checked file icons_hue_a19.svg and it shows well a bulb light.

  3. Restart VeraPlus, cleared Firefox cache but no change default zwave icon is still there.

Well it seems that my VeraPlus was corrupted as I got frequent (5mn) lua reboot.with another plugin - Reactor overloading memory. I tried uninstalling it and removing plugin files but reboot was still there with no clear trace in log.
I did a “factory restore default” and now icons are correct.
I discovered that some other icons (like Philips Hue plugin in UI7) have changed indicating they were wrong as well.

Thanks amg0 for your help.

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