Hue hub Update looks like it's caused issues

Yesterday my hue hub updated to 1935144020
Since then I’ve noted that scenes controlling hue lights are not working as they did before. For example a scene that turns on 2 hue lights when motion is detected is only turning on one light and the sometimes when it fires again it turns off one and turns on the other (they should both come on / off at the same time as they have done since it was set up.

I saw this odd behaviour following a Hue update in the standard app, at that point I was advised by the Vera team to switch to the alt hue app. That resolved the issues but the odd behaviour is back.

I was interested to know if anyone else is having issues ?.

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…just love that.

So should @amg0 !


amazing indeed…

That’s both hilarious and sad but true… the native hue app was a hot mess and I am not so surprised. ALTHUE is a much cleaner, more reliable plugin.

Mine is having similair problems. I only have lamps from IKEA connected to my Hue hub. My problem is that it it work randomly (often not) with my scenes/Reactors and ALTHUE. It´s been working just fine for a year, but the last month or so, it´s not. Maybe it could have something to do with the latest beta firmware - I´m on 7.31 and a Vera Secure. Do anyone know how to resolve this?

The lastest update of the HUE bridge changed the name of the manufacturer of all HUE lamps from “Philips” to "Signify Netherlands B.V.
That causes the HUE bulps to disappear / to be deleted in the UI.

Latest update as in the OP’s statement way back in November? Version 1935144020

Or the current latest version? 1935144040

I’m using the standard Hue plugin not the Alt one and it’s always worked OK for me.

Tried installing ALT HUE and I can not change temperature on Ambiance bulbs and if I try to change the xml/json it reverts to the old files and creates totally new devices :angry:

We always used the standard plugin which was solid for a long time until the above issues. Then we used both one for each hue hub and not we use just alt hue for both hubs (as directed by the Vera team).

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