Hue icons are not shown correctly after upgrade from Vera 3 to Vera plus

Hi everyone,

I hope one of you can help me.
Recently I upgraded from a Vera 3 to a Vera Plus.
Since I wanted to have a fresh start I removed all my devices and plugins and did a clean install.

Everything is working fine accept for one thing. Before my huelights were all shown with the correct icon in UI7.
now my hue color candles (LCT012), hue white lamps (LWB010) and a few hue color lamps (LCT015) are shown with a generic zwave icon instead of the correct hue icon.

I tried changing the ‘BulbModelID’ in the advanced tab but that doesn’t help.

All the lamps work properly but it just bugs me that I can’t get the right icon displayed. And I know it’s possible because I had them before.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Hope you can help out.




Please note that I have send you an email so we can continue troubleshooting the controller.

Thank you and Have a nice day,

Hoi Wouter,

Did you ever fix this ?



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