HundredGraphs Logger plugin beta


I’m having problem too. getting…
Interval:120 Last res:500

There is a new version 1.8 on app store. Can you try it?

Version 1.8 seems to be working. Have you thought of integrating with PVOutput?

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I am not sure what is PVOutput? Has 1.8 version fixed your issue?

It does seem to have changed. Still getting res:500

what is your username?

on hundredgraphs it is

Your key has illegal symbols: MS6_(motion). You can’t have spec symbols like [ or { or (

Hmm. All of my multi-sensor devices are named that way. I just un-selected those devices and now I have a feed for the Solar PV.


The next version should null that limitation, but for now this is what it is. Vera is kinda limited in how you can encode json, so if anything else than ASCII the json can come up corrupted

It has gone “disabled” again with a res:200

Although HundredsGraph is still recieving data, so not sure what the “disabled” toggle is in the Control UI.

You can ignore “disabled” for now, it should switch itself to “enabled”, but! the most important part is “200”, it means it was processed by the backend.

It is still in beta stage, so I apologize for some hiccups

Thank you for the prompt reply. I’ve wanted this external graphing capability for a while and this fits exactly. Cheers.

Mate, my pleasure

Site and plugin were both updated.
The new version of plugin 2.1 is available on Alt App Store. It is highly recommended that you would update to it.
TL;DR Now you can rename the device on a Vera side anytime, it sill would report the right device based by ID.

Tech stuff
The improvements were done in sending results over the Post instead of Get, this allowed to send devices IDs and units as well. It also would allow finally move closer to release the Energy DashBoard
We still accept the data over the old API with the old lua file, however it is going to be phased out in the future.

Regards from Colombia,
I am Dynayen Heredia, i’m really newbie, congratulations for you work Plugin Hundred Graphs. I am looking for a monitor for power consumption and temperature changes, for my smart home with Vera Edge (Ui7). I’ve seen at MIOS Market the plugin HundredGraphs, y I check your comments in Vera Community.

I install this plugin in my controler, but I think no work correct, when I refresh navegator (Chrome) the device disanble automatically.
Also in my profile, I see an alert, about an error, however my password is different from what appears in the fault message.

is this normal?
Why does the device only change state?Picture1

@Dynayen, it looks like you are using both old way (lua file) and new plugin, you need only one of them. And if you use the lua script, Variables could have only a-zA-Z_, that’s why it errors.

Great app! Thanks for the great work!
Is there a way to add Vera reboots and free memory to the graphs?
I would also like to track my Danalock open/close log in a graph, but it doesn’t appear in the devices…
Any suggestions?



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