I can’t get my Jacuzzi programmed the way I want

I ‘am new here and a Dutchman and have some difficulties with programming my VeraLite. I have a Jacuzzi (hottub) and changed the heating of my from electric to gas (with a geyser) because this is much cheaper. The geyser Vaillant Turbomag only goes on when there is water pressure and can be switched on and off with a AEOTEC micro switch G2 Z-wave module. The pump, which is also for filtering, also is switched with the same module. The temperature is monitored with a FGBS321 temp. Sensor.

  1. I want the Jacuzzi to filter every day for 2 hours from 9.00 PM till 11.00 PM.
  2. The temperature may never go under 30 degree.
  3. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Jacuzzi has to be 36.5 degree at 5.00 o’clock PM and may not go under the 36.5 degree for 1 hour, after that the Jacuzzi has to filter for 2 hours.
    I now use the Smart Virtual Thermostat, this app works ok but I cannot get it precise enough regulating the temperature and I don’t know how to program it to so it does the things I mentioned under 1,2 and 3, can someone help me?

Have you looked into the reactor plugin? It can do all of what you said and more

Can you also help me with programming the reactor plugin? I just downloaded the app and connected a sensor, what do I have to do now?

okay so here’s what im thinking, for 1 and 2.

Basically you’ll have 2 separate groups, one for temperature and one for the filtering. Each will go true independently and in the activities section you will set the geyser to turn on for each group when they go true and turn it off when the groups go false.

For 3 its a bit complex, you can watch the reactor videos and the tutorials to get a better understanding of reactor and give it a try. Its certainly possible maybe with some minor modifications. Post back here when you’ve given it a try

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I played a litle with reactor but I think this app is to comprehensive, to many possibilities ! Is there not a simple thermostat where I can simply set these requirements?

I’m not aware of any of thermostat that could do this. At first reactor does seem very complex, but it’s get very simple with use. What are you having trouble with?

There are so much drop down menu’s with possibilities (also they are in English and not in Dutch) that it is very difficult for me to understand and program the settings I send under item 3. Just to difficult :frowning: I need somthing simple or a pre programmed something which I can simply modify.

Were you able to work out number 1 and 2 with the screenshots I sent? Also are you looking for a physical thermostat or a virtual one?

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