I dont know why associations not working on firmware 1.7.4453

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Associations reside in the device and Vera is only showing what it thinks is in there it has no way to poll for what is actually in the devices association table.

You may try removing the association and re-adding it to get it re-established. If you seeing delays after doing that it means there are bad associations still left in the devices table. The only way to fully clear it in that case is to remove the device (which classes it’s tables) re-add the device, then recreate the association.

If you use a different controller to do the remove, then you can re-add the device as a failed replacement so your scenes dont get screwed up.

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Indeed, this is my understanding of the association process as well.
They are between devices and are independent of the controller so it is surprising that a firmware update would do anything to them unless you are talking about associations to the controller.
It is possible that they were broken during a manual reconfiguration of the device in which case all you would have to do is to reconfigure them again with the association as @shallowearth suggested.

Life Line group is tied to the controller, device to device associations are as rafale & shallowearth described.

How did you go with this? i recently upgraded a controller and all devices stopped working. luckily i had only added 6 relays before i updated. I am very hesitant to upgrade the second vera that has over 40 relays on it!