Identify which car in is garage

We have 2 cars at home, and a 1-car garage. We trade off where we park, sometimes my car is parked inside the garage, sometimes it’s parked just outside.

Looking for a way for Vera to identify when MY car is inside the garage. (Not just when any car is parked inside)

I don’t feel like a proximity sensor would work, because I wouldn’t want it to accidentally trigger when my car is parked just outside. Also don’t think a general motion/presence detector would work, because it would think that any car is mine.

At this point, I’m almost wondering about using a camera to identify my license plate (would be tough to get the angle right) or printing off some QR code and putting on my dashboard?

Would love your advice-- trying to achieve this without reinventing the wheel. Thanks so much,

The easiest way I know of doing this is indeed through a camera and a recognition of the license plate. This is no different from a facial recognition done from camera stream and unfortunately can’t be done from the vera because of its lack of cpu power. I would recommend using home assistant for this which has components capable of looking for pattern recognition from a IPCam stream. It can also be run on a much more powerful machine. I am currently using it for facial recognition on my doorbell.

Interesting problem!

RFID tag somehow?

Oh I like that! Do you connect Home Assistant to Vera, so that Vera knows the status?

Yes I do… I use @rigpapa’s sitesensor to get status from various components of home assistant through its API. I have connected a number of devices through it… roomba, xiaomi filters and robots, camera motion detection etc…

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Oh genius!! I’ll look into this, and post any setup if I get it working. Thank you!

If you have Bluetooth in your car, this could be a viable solution. Just get a raspberry pi and you can measure distance with Bluetooth. It’s full of projects like this and this should be less complicated to setup.

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