IFTTT goes Pro subscriptions

There’s news IFTTT has gone to a Pro subscription model that could cost $9.99 a month.

Free tier you can only create 3 applets. :roll_eyes:

I never really used IFTTT much and tried to avoid it as much as possible.

Lots of people gonna be stuck now, all those that had those cheap IOT WiFi devices from them different Chinese companies and they used IFTTT to glue them together.

Guess they are gonna have to learn how to flash the firmware on their devices real quick.

I know what Paul Hibbett’s next YouTube video is going to be about. :blush:


Same here. Never really trusted it either.

The tech model adopted these days is start free, provide the maximum protocol supports and when enough followers have adopted the product go pro in the hope that those who have invested the time and energy into developing their systems based around a particular product won’t protest too much at what the authors deem a small charge for their product for continued use.

That charge is usually disguised as a new must have feature to justify it.

You only have to look at the weather providers to see where this is going. How many free weather services do you have now versus five years ago.

There’s one particular home automation product which I won’t name that has seen enormous traction over the last five years. It’s ripe for financial exploitation but the authors would dismiss you immediately should you even suggest this.

Feed them the drug free. Get them hooked and start charging for it. It’s an age old business model which can be applied quite easily to the model I mentioned above.

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we will give the ability to flash those cheap IOT wifi devices with Ezlo Wifi firmware (yep working on this)…along with MiOS app, you wont miss IFTTT…

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That sounds very interesting!

Most people are using cheap WiFi devices like the Sonoff ones and flashing them with custom firmware like Tasmota and ESP Easy, to gain direct LAN control of the devices.

A lot of the Home Assistant crowd use these types of devices as well as the Shelly WiFi devices.

May I suggest your development team take a look at this current Vera plugin here which has the functionality to create virtual devices in Vera to directly control these flashed WiFi devices locally via http calls. Your gonna need similar functionality natively on the Ezlo platform.

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I’m not sure if they’re going to build it natively, but I’m already in contact with the dev team and I will eventually port my plug-ins (OpenSprinkler+HTTP Virtual Devices) on the new platform. I’m just waiting for more maturity and stability, but I will. Even if they’ll offer it as a standard feature, I think 3rd party devs could fill the gap and add more value anyway.


I wish IFTTT luck with that. IFTTT is one platform that has had potential but they seem to have ignored fairly reasonable feature requests that would have brought the platform to more advanced levels. I certainly would not pay for it in its present form.

IFTTT charges companies to be on the IFTTT platform.

Then those companies like the eWeLink platform have started charging end users to use their platform with IFTTT.

And now IFTTT themselves are going to be charging end users to pay to use the IFTTT service.

So the end user is getting shafted from all angles LOL.

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Set your own subscription price, as long as it’s over $1.99

For a limited time, IFTTT users like you are able to set your price for Pro. Your subscription will automatically renew at this price each month. All prices are in US$.

“Pro has a suggested monthly price of $9.99, but the company is allowing subscribers to set their own price for the first year as long as it’s $1.99 per month or more”

Is what I read, so only $1.99 p/m for the first year.

There is no details on how long the set your own subscription will last from what i have read, nothing i have read says only a year… The offer for set your own is only available for 4 weeks apparently.

Dunno, either way I’m not signing up. Now I have Ezlo VOI.


Plus we can integrate Vera with Node Red for eWeLink as you know.

Maybe other platforms like Tuya also?

From the email I received, “The introductory set your own price subscription allows you to choose your monthly payment for the first year of Pro.”
At $2 a month, it’s still a rip off, in my opinion.

Not getting me to sign up as @cw-kid says there are other ways.

There you go.

IFTTT Just RUINED My Smart Home | IFTTT Pro:

we will have a replacement for IFTTT all based on our cloud.

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Does this mean that my garage, controlled by a wifi system - Gogogate 2, and not today supported by Vera, only by IFTTT (and therefore by Alexa/Google), will be supported by Ezlo? Since it won’t help to use Ezlo VOI alone - because that will still require IFTTT.

is it only supported by Alexa/Google via IFTTT?

Sounds like it doesn’t natively work with Google Home and Alexa as they are talking about using IFTTT applets.

False advertising maybe as they have Works with Google Home and Alexa badges on their site.

one by one, we’ll have them all integrated!
perhaps you can get in touch with gogogate and tell them to integrate with us or alexa/google directly as well. Because if they integrate with Alexa/Google directly, then using VOI you can control it all.

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