Ignore words before command filter and use avcommsnofilter???

If I say “I want to say this is a test”

command filter = say

avcommsnofilter returns “I want to this is a test”

I want it to return “this is a test”

How can I best accomplish this? I have been trying to change the command filter to include a wildcard *say but that doesnt seem to work…


Ignore the %avcommsnofilter and use %avcomm instead by putting into a variable and then splitting it (using ‘say’ as the split point?

That guide actually is about parsing data from a website, but it does have a great section on using variables and splitting them to get only what you want.

THANK YOU! Took a bit of futzing, but that did exactly what I wanted it to… and now that I know I can split voice commands, that opens A LOT of possibilities. Thanks! (and I saw you only had one post… I appreciate you using your first post to answer my question =D)

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