Imperihome ; intermediate state

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I am changing some dashboard icons in Imperihome , and I have a question about the “intermediate state” . What is it / what does it do?

For example , I have a virtual switch , which is now in the “off” postion.
Imperihome has an on -off and intermediate state.

Although the position of the virtual switch is “off” on the Vera GUI , The icon is shown intermediate on Imperihome.
Anyone has an idea about the logic of the icons in Imperihome?

There is no subforum for Imperihome?


Hey Cor,

In my opinion I believe it was meant for a state of action in between the on or off of that particular device.

For example (not proof, just an example), a garage door is closed (off state) and open (on state). But since the action of opening takes maybe 8-12 seconds (give or take) the intermediate state is the activity or moving of the door which could have an icon representative of that action happening.

Another example might be Rachio irrigation. The sprinklers are idle, watering, or off.

Also, roller shutters might be another good one as they would probably take some time to move up and down.

That’s my opinion of the intended use. The sub forum of imperihome was on the old forum (I thought it was here too) but the activity level was quite low. I’m rather tired of the app and have considered ditching it based on UI8 and the new mobile app.

Imperihome have responded to me about dynamic grids and more tile choices but they claim it’s a lot of work but it’s been asked by many for several years. They still can’t stop the jumping back and forth when connecting based on connection speed or provide any real options for customization in any recent time.

Ironically and same with the mobile app it doesn’t read the wifi connected global variable of the phone. So while it may do auto fail to remote mode it takes 20 seconds at least. Vera’s app does the same thing, quite annoying.

If you know of Tasker, it could read the state of the network just fine and trigger which connection to use but neither app handles this and makes it look slow and clunky.

Vera’s app has the jittery java feel when there’s too much work on the main thread (surface flinger if I recall). It’s in the logcat messages back when I used older versions of Android to find out why it ran so awfully. I reported that and was told somewhere I wasn’t correct but whatever.

LOL, I might have digressed a bit. :slight_smile:

i believe it was meant to enable discrete control of both states in the case where the actual device may not be in the same state as indicted. for example say a valve is switched off in the app but then manually switched on without feedback to show it’s switched on. to switch this valve off again via the app would first require switching it on, this may not be desirable or safe. with the intermediate switch you can send a discrete on or off regardless of the actual state

Ahhh … I see.

Thanks for the info .
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