Inconsistent sensor behavior in Homewave


I have a slew of water sensors (15) in my house. A mix of Dome DMWS1, Sensative Strips, and Everspring ST812’s. In Vera they all show up as leak sensors. In Homewave, the Dome and Sensative devices show up as sensors. Only 2 of the Everspring units show up as sensors, the remaining ones show up as switches. Have compared all the parameters and cannot see any difference. Any ideas on why and how to fix?


Is it only in Homewave or also on the vera UI?

For Homewave I think it looks at the device category or the device type attribute fields and you have to manually add them.

It is only in the Homewave UI. In Vera they all appear to be leak sensors. I compared 2 of the Everspring devices, one that was correct and one that wasn’t, and everything looked the same.

So you mean when you run the scan with Homewave, they come out different? Or do you mean that they look different now after they were added?

Homewave scans the device list it gets from a luup call and then bins them according to their device type.
I am suspecting that you may have set up these devices and at one point they were switches (these device IDs) and now got replaced by sensors with the same ID. Try deleting the device in homewave and read a sensor instead of a switch.

I created a new tab in homewave just for the water sensors. Prior to this I had never had them in homewave. On the new tab, I can only see 8 of the devices as sensors. To see the rest I have to create the item as a switch.

Then make sure to look for the attributes in the advanced tabs not the variables. You may have something misconfigured there. I am so used to ALTUI that I tend to forget what is listed in the standard UI. The device type is definitely on ALTUI.

I compared one that shows up as a sensor with one that shows up as a switch and the settings are all the same.

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