iNovelli RED dimmer switch "purging associations" error, dropping and then responding again

I’ve added the new inovelli red dimmer and while it added quickly as generic and works fine it drops in and out with a “device not responding” and “device responding again” and has a constant “purging associations” error on the dashboard.


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any ideas on how to resolve either issue would be welcomed?

I have been experiencing the same.
Any Plans for Vera to support Inovelli devices in the future, or is it time to move on?

wake up vera

Vera… Any update to Inovelli support? They indicated in their forums the ball is in your court now as they have sent samples over to Ezlo.

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Vera. add it to the new firmware.

Vera, inovelli works just fine on the other HA platforms, what’s your excuse?

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With the latest firmware update the inovelli switches no longer show the purging associations error. However, Vera seems to be out of sync with the dimmer quite often. Vera does not appear to pick up the status of the dimmer, but can control it.
Still appears that Vera is not supporting scene control with these dimmers and switches.

I just upgraded and it does seem like the error message as cleared. In my limited testing so far, my system does seem to pick up the status instantly in the 2 cases I tested. I have not tested scene control or any other functions yet.

Were you also getting “device not responding” and “device responding again” alerts?
And if so, have they stopped?
I had to disable the “device not responding” and “device responding again” notifications.

Unfortunately after further testing, I am still having issues with the device not responding nor responding to polls/reconfiguration. So I would say the problems have not been resolved and the Inovelli is not yet compatible.

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I just installed one and having the same “purging association” error. UGGGG!

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