Instant Status and Leviton

I understand the Lutron patent for Instant Status used on ZWave devices has now expired.

Of all the ZWave manufacture’s perhaps Leviton is the most vague, fuzzy, and non committal about support of Instant Status across their product line. A simple comparison table of features across all the models to see which do support instant and which don’t would be nice. Instead they choose to be intentionally vague about an important feature.

That said now the patent is expired I wonder if there is a dormant feature in the Leviton switches that can be turned on by a parameter change? The Aeon DSC26013 comes with instant turned off but it you set parameter 80 to hex 1 it enabled instant reporting, Just wonder if Leviton has a hidden parameter that can be flipped to turn on instant reporting?

If a Leviton Product Manager is reading with this… Hey enable Instant on all your products, there is no economic (royalty) reason to not do so. Everybody else supports instant.

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