Integrate an LG smart TV

I searched for TV integration and LG integration and found some very old threads.
Does anyone have recommendations for integrating a smart TV?
I have a few year old LG 55UJ6300, with no external boxes (apple, roku, etc).
I am really interested in knowing if the TV is on or off, in order to control the lights in the room. I could use a smart power strip for this.
However, if easy to set up, I would set up doorbell camera video and other functionalities. There could be some cool opportunities.


Have a look at Harmony.

I’m using a node app using lgtv2 library. It’s pushing tv status to a virtual device (volume, input, and on/off).

Unfortunately you’ll need a raspberry or similar to execute it.

when you say ‘node app’, do you mean Node Red?

No, I mean a node js app, but node red should work as well. I’m not proficient enough to give you a precise solution.

If you have an IR emitter available that does Pronto codes, then the Virtual Pronto Remote plugin should be able to control it.

Here is a node-red control node.
or if your lg is a vestal made tv

While I’m using Harmony remote to control it, the real status is difficult to handle. The lgtv library is able to get current status (as I said, input and/or apps, volume, etc), so I could easily respond to TV’s events (even if I’m using the normal remote, the Sky’s on, or Harmony’s one/apps). It’s really useful.

Plus, you could also control the TV without the Harmony remote, if you want (but I’m still using it, because I could control my Sky Box from another room, since I have a distribution system in place).


I wrote my own node app using LGTV2 library and pushing it Vera’s variables (TV’s off now). I think you could do it with node-red, or LGTV2mqtt as well. Since it’s based on a websocket, I didn’t look at implementing it in LUA. I’m also sending TTS messages to the TV as push messages, and it’s really useful when late night or the volume is so high I could not hear the TTS messages coming from Alexa. I could share it, if anyone wants a simple way to do it on a separate box.

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