"Integrating" alarm devices via email notification

There’s no sub-forum for integration of alarm systems that I saw, so here goes…

In my last home, I was running UI5 and using AD2USB to integrate my alarm panel. Each loop in the alarm appeared in Vera natively: every door, groups of windows, smoke detectors, etc.; it was great. In my new place, I have a WiFi-based alarm and I don’t expect to have any direct access to devices on the alarm. I can, however, get email notifications each time a device on the alarm is opened.

Has anyone used email notifications as inputs to Vera? And… in what way? I use Prowl as notifications of outputs. I don’t use IFTTT and never found much use for it. I’m curious if there’s some way to accomplish this, possibly with a plugin. I can create a dedicated email and external rules for subject line/body/etc.

Thanks for reading and for any consideration.

Could you give a little more detail on your WiFi alarm. Does it have a name. Can you open it up to your network for discovery via UPnP. The more information you can supply the more chance you have of getting a solution

I have cameras which provide email triggers, but I use openLuup running on a RPi which has a built-in SMTP server and is bridged to my Veras for Zwave control. But this perhaps is not a course you want to follow.

IIRC, the used to be a Gmail-based plugin for Vera (perhaps only for calendars?), but I don’t know if this is still available/works.

It’s an ADT alarm, set up start to finish by the alarm tech. It’s not on my WiFi network, and I doubt I can access the alarm network… and not sure I want to! I was only thinking about using inbound email notifications as event triggers and wondering if anyone had done that.

Something like this could be adapted for your use Luup code to send your own email notifications

I believe that’s used to send email notifications from Vera. I accomplish that through Prowl. What I’m looking for is a way for Vera to interpret inbound email notifications as triggers, probably through some plugin or external application.

You could use tasker or automate to intercept emails and send http request to vera

I’m an iPhone user, but more to the point, I’d like to avoid involving my mobile to handle any of the processing if I don’t have to.

I had it in the past, for the very same reason @akbooer mentioned. I now transitioned to my in-house solution monitoring Cams and getting movement notifications with external PIR sensor, but I digress.

I have an Azure Function connecting to a POP3 account and reading e-mails, then writing them to a queue, with a console app running on my Linux box inside the house, to monitor this queue. I use it to execute commands inside my house coming from external triggers/apps, without exposing anything to the outside. You can simplify this and find something using POP3 directly in LUA, of course, but you get the point. The e-mail parsing is the easiest way, since those e-mail are template based and easily processable. Good luck :slight_smile:

EDIT: of course, I have this since I already have the queue in place, but you can code it directly in a console app, locally running into your network.

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