Interest in dashboard-like mobile app supporting Vera?

I’m curious to see what is the interest from the community in dashboard-like mobile app supporting Vera?

Project Rotini supports OpenHAB and Home Assistant platforms at this time. There is possibility to support Vera as well.
Some screenshots can be seen here:

The app will be paid after beta is over. While currently it is in closed early access stage (community sign up is required) for Android only.
Please respond if you would be interested in something like that.

Rotini has been renamed to HomeHabit. I installed the app to an old tablet for testing. Can be installed directly from GooglePlayStore.

The result is quite decent looking dashboard (screenshot attached) and configuring was easy enough. Some features are still missing, like I could not add smoke alarms directly. Converting them to door sensors with Virtualsensor plugin helped to that.

So @igorz, please develop further and add more Vera integration also. :+1:

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@Vpow thanks for trying it out!
Yeah, development on Vera integration is slower now, since there wasn’t a sufficient interest and Vera API is far from straightforward, so requires additional effort to support. That’s mainly the reason we were concentrating on other hub integrations so far.

I will check on smoke alarm integration in particular. Also, let me know if any other devices you have that are not supported, will try to prioritize those as well. Thanks.

Some more days of trying out, still looks usable. I do not have extremely complex setup, no videocameras, mediaplayers etc… By using virtual sensors, virtual switches and Reactor I have managed to create all functionality needed, for example to turn off fire alarm I created virtual switch which is associated to HomeHabit and watched by Reactor which will then turn off sirens, lights and do other needed stuff when switch is pushed on UI.

One functionality I would like to have; ability to turn off alarm by switch which needs pin code before activation. There is security widget,but looks like it needs keypad device to work rather than normal switch. Is there by the way a list somewhere telling which type devices each widget supports?

I will check on switch with pin code support.

There is no list of devices available because the matching is done by low level types or device categories, so it wouldn’t be easy to present it in a comprehensive way to a user.
The closest way is to select a desired device when creating a widget first, then it will then show list of supported widgets. Devices not visible in the list, most likely are not supported yet.

I just stumbled over this thread and installed the app on my Android tablet.

Its connected to Vera OK and I could add a “Switch” button for my Fan and that works and turns it on and off OK

I then tried to add a “Dimmer” but it only lists my window covering devices (Fibaro roller shutter) it doesn’t list any dimmer lights.

I then tried to add a “Light” and when clicking on bind an item it says “No matching items”

I have kept this dashboard running on an old tablet. Noticed that sometimes dashboard “freezes” i.e. values do not update anymore. Only restarting the app on tablet fixes it. App can run fine for several days or even a week until this happens.
Any chance fixing this issue?

You might be better asking your question on this site:

I’ve not used this app since I had a quick look at it previously.

Looks like it also supports Home Assistant, OpenHab, Domoticz, Wink, Hubitat

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