Intermatic Devices don't work with VeraPlus?!


I just spent 3 days moving my large setup from vera3 to veraplus. It took a few tries but got everything working ok. This am, many of my devices are unresponsive or slow. Called tech support and after troubleshooting a few things I am being told that my Intermatic devices are not compatible and will have to be excluded/included, and this may keep happening with these devices.

My entire home is practically all intermatic devices!! I would have to buy all new devices for this to work? Really??

Anyone have any experience with this?

Not a happy camper… >:(



I have had nothing but problems with my Intermatic devices after about 1 year of install.
I have been replacing them about 1 every two months. This stated while I was on a Vera 3, before I moved to Vera Plus.

I still have a handful off them in my system with a Vera Plus.
But I curse the day I bought these (supposedly at a great price!)


Yesterday everything was fine. Today everything is taking ages to get through. Did you have that experience? Is this truly my problem? Commands take forever to reach the devices even the ones that are still connected. They’re practically all Intermatic


Did you start from scratch (repair all devices) when you moved up ? Or did you transfer devices from one device to the other ?

I had nothing but problems when I transferred devices … I later restarted from scratch and things were much better.


My numerous InterMatic CA3500 outlets worked fine for years on my Vera Lite and UI5. When I moved up to an Edge and UI7 they became very erratic. They will randomly start blinking, typically work, but no longer can survive a power outage and that’s a big issue for me.

I also have a Wink hub and they seem to work OK with that even after a power glitch so I’m moving them all over to that hub.

Good luck…



[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:4, topic:198125”]Did you start from scratch (repair all devices) when you moved up ? Or did you transfer devices from one device to the other ?

I had nothing but problems when I transferred devices … I later restarted from scratch and things were much better.[/quote]

What I actually did was transfer a backup of all my virtual devices and PLEGS. Then I added every single device to the unit from scratch. I then changed all the IDS to match the original IDs on the old unit so that all my plegs were immediately working properly. Everything was perfect for the first 24 hours. The next day my network is super slow and sluggish. I think all the items are connected it just takes forever for commands to get around the network.


Upon further playing, I really dont think this is an issue with my intermatic devices but my system is intolerable and maybe someone can help

Almost all devices are connected, save for a few battery powered devices and 1 or 2 intermatic plug in devices
scenes seem to be running but commands only get through 5-10 minutes later
manually toggling devices take 5-10 minutes to go through although sometimes its quicker.

I notice that my rootfs is 98% full
when I restored without internet connection it was at 80% full and seemingly more responsive
as soon as internet is connected, the rootfs went to 98%

I have no idea what the significance of this is but i dont think its my devices that is causing the problems. I will call tech support back to discuss but this is so frustrating and time consuming.


An interesting update to my Intermatic CA3500 issues. They used to work reliably for me but that reliability ended when upgrading from a Veralite UI5 (rock solid) to a Vera Edge UI7. If these outlets loose power or get a small glitch they end up falling off the network.

Instead of dumping them all I decided to give them a try on a version 1 Wink hub, they work perfect AND survive loss of power and glitches. The real interesting thing is that my Edge that is still in the house and my primary controller recognizes them as well and they survive power losses now with my Edge. If these are paired to 2 zwave hubs they work via either hub and back to 100% reliable.

Not offering this up as a solution but frankly if you have a few Intermatics it’s actually more economical to get a used Wink to keep them running. I have a Wink hub 2 at my primary house and I have to say my Wink experience has been rock solid. Not as versatile as Vera and lacking features but I might prefer that for the reliability.



After weeks of frustration i bit the bullet and changed them all out for GE Zwave plus devices. set everything up from scratch on the vera plus, renumbered the IDs to match the old and then restored backups of all my plegs and plugins. Finally back to normal again. Cost me a fortune in time spent on this and new devices.



I only have 3 Intermatic CA600 switches. All were previously working on the VeraPlus after a move/transfer from a VeraLite.
After a few months they’ve all eventually become unmanageable via the Plus but still manageable via the VeraLite on 1.5.

Do you think Vera will ever get these working again on the plus or should I just reset the Lite and use it exclusively for the CA600s?


I had to rip out all my Intermatic devices two years ago. While I was still on VeraLite/UI5. Just trouble. Replace them and HA gets easier…


An update that might be of interest with the addition of 1st revision Wink Hub. As previously posted, my numerous Intermatic CA-3500 outlets worked fine for 3 years with my Vera lite, upgraded to an Edge and soon after nothing but troubles. The outlets would loose pairing if there was a loss of power and my entire zwave network was very unstable the last 2 years with my edge. I could never keep things connected for more than a few days without items dropping off and it was just not the Intermatic outlets. Despite having zwave devices well distributed in the large house I added an external antenna thinking that might help, it did, but I was still getting the random drops.

I have now hit the 4 week mark with a rock solid system by pairing the Intermatics (only) to my Wink hub. Once paired to Wink I noticed my Vera also would recognize them again and I’m actually controlling them via the Vera, not the Wink, but both work. My zwave network has been 100% rock solid since I did this a month ago. So nice to have a stable system once again!



I know this is old but want to contribute to what just recently happened to me. I have a lot of Intermatic devices, mostly CA-600 and have been using them for 5 years reliably with my Vera 3. I just upgraded my Vera 3 to UI7 and when this happened one (only one) of my CA-600 now has a slow blinking LED (red to blue pulse blink) and Vera will no longer talk to the device.