Internet and Service LEDs blinking, controller offline

I have the VeraPlus controller with the latest firmware available. For the last month or two, I have been experiencing frequent interruptions in connectivity and seeing the Internet and service LEDs blinking. Rebooting the controller works for awhile, but then it happens again. I have switched out the Ethernet cable and it still happens. My other devices and switches on the router and switch are working without problems. Any ideas?

Could it be that your ISP has switched from static to dynamic IP?

Or perhaps you need to create a scene that reboots your vera once a day. I know that solves a lot of problems for other users.

Here’s a thread about creating a daily restart.

Thanks for the reply. My ISP has always had a dynamic ISP, but I have never had this problem before. Not keen on having to reboot it daily as an answer. This controller has certainly not met expectations.


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