Introducing the Ezlo Atom!

Our next-generation home controller is now available for pre-order
It´s wireless, easy to use, and amazingly affordable.

(US Z-wave frequency only).

Watch the video to learn more.


Under “Tech Specs” there really should be a “Software” section.

Hello, kindly requesting for a spec comparison vs the existing vera hubs. My existing vera plus is almost 5 years so already hoping to get an upgrade with additional features.


Hello, Robie,

The Atom is not supposed to replace any of the existing controllers but rather complete the line-up with more goodies coming up soon. - tech specs are on this page if you scroll down a bit.

Atom is running a new RTOS based on a new MiOS/eZLO architecture. The Atom doesn’t have a web interface on its own and can be controlled with the Vera Mobile Apps.


Bought, awaiting news for delivery date …

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