Inventory possible?

Is it possible to get an inventory of specific models of z-wave devices on the network beyond type? I’m trying to figure out how many specific z-wave switches I have of a certain generation. Also curious if there is any way to tell when it first joined the network.

Install altui and it will show you in a menu and can export to excel even.

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I have AltUI installed, but I don’t see anywhere to export to excel. Which menu is it?

Go to More > Table Devices, select any additional columns you want and All devices (not 10). The save icon will copy the table to your PC clipboard. Paste in excel and you have it.

Awesome, thanks. I’m surprised that a large portion of my devices don’t show a model number.

I went through and was able to determine the model number, and add the model number in the attributes tab. Having this is great so I have a better idea of how may older devices I have, and how many I’ve more recently replaced. Being able to export to Excel gives me a nice snapshot of where I am today.

One thing that really surprises me is the inconsistency in the Zwave DB tab for the label. This doesn’t seem to be something I can edit. Who maintains that DB? I have 42 GE/Jasco devices, consisting of:

  • 3x ZW1001
  • 4x ZW1002
  • 3x ZW3005
  • 1x ZW3008
  • 4x ZW4002
  • 6x ZW4003
  • 11x ZW4005
  • 2x ZW4006
  • 6x ZW4008
  • 1x ZW4101
  • 1x ZW4201

What I find odd, is that some of the devices will have a label 45605, which is the SKU. Others, will have ZW4005, 12722 (SKU, Model #), others will have GE 12340 (ZW4002) (manufacturer, SKU, model).

No, this doesn’t affect how the product operates. I just find it weird and inconsistent to my OCD brain.

Get used to it, thats how the “pairing” of Vera works… can’t change.

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