Iphone app and geofencing

I’ve been using geofencing fairly successfull for about 1.5 years now, a simple setup to see when we are home and at work using 500m fences.
I use Reactor to control all logic related to the fences, like changing home modes and other automation, and disabled the onboard function for this.
As i said it has worked well, but recently my wifes iphone stopped sending location updates. All seems correct in the app, and location settings on the phone is in “always allow” for the vera app.
My android is still working well, so i assume its an issue with the iphone/app?

Any other settings that i need to check on the phone?

Same here … but I don’t use geofencing for something useful. However, I’m using the Beta

My impression is that it works a lot better if Reactor does all the onboard work, i’ve even tried some smaller fences (like opening garasje door) with success using that… But if the phone stops updating its hopeless…:wink:

Never found it good at all. iPhone locator and Reactor do a pretty good job.


It’s never worked reliably for me.

Iphone Locator and Reactor works greit for me exept some sudden away/home change a couple of times…

From the Reactor logic summary: "error=TROUBLE: no geofence status in user data "

It seems the iphone app is sending corrupt data?

IOS 13 made a lot of changes in location services. Geolocation seems to have suffered as a result.

Running iOS 12 still and since the iOS app before the latest it seems to have stopped working completely along with 7.3 on the VP.
I LOVE how the marketing boasts geofencing but it doesn’t really work worth a damn.

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With this in mind, I hope @Sorin and the crew will look at this issue so we get geofencing back up… I’ve had a good run with it as mentioned, and would like to continue using it…

It’s interesting that you’ve had a good experience. For me it’s been nothing more than dire. One of the gurus (I forget who) did some work with the devs and there are issues around silent closing of GPS services in the background, but for me issues were around phone saying it’s gone and the Vera never responding. So easy to fix :frowning:

Hi everyone,

any good news on this topic yet?
I used to use my Nest thermostat for switching home/away status which has worked great for years.
Unfortunatly I added a Nest Hello to my home and migrated my Nest account to google(not so smart, I know). So now ‘works with Nest’ does not work anymore. I planned on using the onboard geofence but that really does not work well.
I have a Vera Plus with bluetooth. The way I see it they should start using bluetooth to see wether someone is home or not. Or really improve the onboard geofencing. This is one of the best and most important features of a smart home in my opinion. I mean, how smart is your home if it doesn’t know wether you are home or not right?
Maybe someone can develope an app that uses the bluetooth function.



I think you’d be hard pushed to use BT. Pretty sure I couldn’t connect BT from my phone in the lounge to the Vera plus. It’s just too far, and our house is not that big!


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