iPhone App of choice?

Hi Guys and Gals, I’m relatively new but learning fast (my background is industrial automation) and am wondering what the community thinks as the IOS app of choice.
There seems to be 3 options: VeraMate, Control-Cube and Home Wave.
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Homewave vote from me. I have tried veramate and found it a bit too “gadgety” and had features I did not need or want making it not as clean/fast/accessible. I have used it for years now. I am not familiar with Control Cube.

I am a long time VeraMate user but the developer has been MIA for years. I have it configured exactly to meet my needs when I am out of the house. I have it on 2 iPhones. High WAF for its simplicity.

Yes, HomeWave for me too. Excellent.

I also use HomeWave and I find it excellent at the moment.

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If you want to integrate more than just Vera into the remote and have total control of customization, ability to import your own icons, ect as well as have the ability for conditional logic I recommend Home Remote.